Get quality cardboard boxes made to fit your product - today

Get quality cardboard boxes made to fit your product - today

We specialise in custom-made short runs of corrugated cardboard boxes, with lightning-fast turnaround.

Don’t settle for cheap, one-size-fits-all boxes, that never actually fit your products & easily fall apart. 

  • We can custom make most box sizes to fit your product. Often a sample can be made within one to two days. Some samples may incur a cost.  
  • We cut out the cost & hassle of the middle man, because we manufacture and deal directly with you.
  • Leaders in corrugated cardboard box technology, we’ve been manufacturing on-site in Onehunga, Auckland since 2001 & service customers all around NZ.


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Check out our range of box styles

We manufacture a huge range of packaging, and we’re not just talking brown boxes and cartons. From plain brown cardboard shipping cases to top quality printed displays, we can make just about anything in corrugated cardboard.

Experts in short runs of boxes

Need just a few boxes for your new product, or a few hundred?
Because we specialise in custom-shaped boxes, we naturally produce a smaller amount of boxes than big manufacturing plants.

Many of our customers have unpredictable product cycles & are in niche industries, so we’re used to creating any number of boxes for them as and when they need them.

Get your boxes quickly

Got a last-minute product range that needs cardboard box packaging ASAP, or did you just forget to order boxes in advance?
As we have all materials on-site, we can often build your boxes on the same day you order, so you don’t need to stop production while waiting for your packaging.

Surprisingly affordable

Think we’re more expensive because we specialise in custom-built boxes?
Think again. 80% of our jobs don’t have setup costs.

Our box cutting machines are smaller and more flexible than most, so we can create a lot of complex box designs without using a die in many cases.

Fast friendly flexible service

Our knowledgeable team loves getting to know you and your business needs, making it quick & easy to re-order in the future.
Because we’re a smaller team, we can be flexible - if you have specific delivery requests like getting boxes dispatched to multiple areas, or at different times, we’re happy to help out.

Learn more about how we can make quality cardboard boxes so quickly...


Thank you and thanks to your team’s fast and efficient services.

Houshang A Hasan, Avopro Ltd

Call to discuss your cardboard box requirements 09 636 0002


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