These are the most common type of carton, used mainly for shipping goods. The outer flaps meet in the centre and are usually taped closed. They are cost effective and easy to use.

What information do I need to give for a quote?

  • Quantities
  • Internal dimensions of the box: Length, Width and Height (image)
  • Approximate weight of products
  • Use for boxes
If you are comparing prices with other suppliers we will need to know what board grade has been specified so we can give a comparable quote.

Can Quick Brown Box supply boxes in a few hours?

Yes, we can often do this if:
  • The quote is confirmed in time
  • It is not a die cut box
  • There is no printing involved

Can Quick Brown Box supply completely recycled board?

Yes (minimum quantity applies).

Can Quick Brown Box make a one-off box?

Yes, we can make everything from one box to thousands of boxes.

Can I buy flat sheets of board?

You sure can.  Tell us your requirements and we’ll give you a price.

Can I see a sample before I give you approval to proceed?

Yes, we can supply a sample quickly. (However there may be a charge for some samples).

Why is the lead time for die cutting longer than for other boxes?

The process is more involved.  Before we can actually manufacture it, we need to design the box to a specific size and style, make a sample to check it’s perfect, and get a die form made. And if the boxes are being delivered, this may take a little longer.

Does Quick Brown Box have boxes in stock?

We do carry a small selection of stock boxes (RSC’s) which are suitable for moving house or storage. However it’s rare that products will fit perfectly into these sizes. That’s why most of our boxes are custom made.

Can you deliver anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, anything from small parcels to large pallets can be delivered anywhere in NZ. We cover the whole country from Northland to Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch and Invercargill. Often, deliveries are sent within the next day in the North Island

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